Fake laughs

Excellent article from Liz, having your children laughing in a picture adds so much life and energy to it, perfect for bringing some extra "spark" to your baby photo book

You know what? It’s totally cool to fake a laugh while having your photo taken and I encourage my clients (especially children) to try it. It feels really stupid, but it pays off big.

To get my kid clients to laugh, it usually just takes a poop joke or anything silly but sometimes, they just freeze up. So I encourage them to fake laugh. “It’s ok,” I say… “I know I’m rubbish at telling jokes. Tell you what how about we just pretend laugh?” And you can’t make your subjects feel stupid alone – you have to throw the first few out there! Sometimes your crazy, maniacal throw-your-head-back fake laugh is enough to make them laugh for real. And sometimes, it just shows them that it’s ok to look like an idiot

And here's a video teaching you how to do it 🙂

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