Talking maternity photos using infared

In this article Stan Trampe talks about techniques on talking maternity photographs, which got me thinking that it might be nice to have a couple of "pre-baby" photos in the baby photo book, so as to show a more complete picture.  One of idea he mentions of one that I had never thought of which is to shoot in infra-red! It produces a very different result – very interesting – check it out!

One technique that I like to use in my maternity photo shoots is infrared. Infrared produces a soft grain that is flattering to both face and figure, and should you be shooting outdoors it gives your model an almost otherworldly appearance, with vegetation taking on a white glow, and any clothing or fabrics that you're using can turn out looking completely different in print form than expected. Is it often seen in traditional maternity shots? Not really, but it's exciting and different, and many of my mom-to-be models have been genuinely enthused when they see these shots.

Here's a couple of tutorial videos from Gavin Hoey who's awesome

How to take Infrared photos with a digital camera


How to process your digital images on photoshop 

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