More great family photo tips to help start your baby photo book

I found this great article from Best family photo tips If you are starting your baby photo book, either for yourself or as a gift, it's a really nice resource that will help you to get started.

After everything is said and done, taking cute baby pictures is the only thing that matters. How, where, and when it's done play a part, but all we want to do is to capture that magical essence of our baby for our baby photo book

Taking better pictures of your children and babies is a lot easier than you think. Believe it or not, the most confusing part of baby pictures is not knowing…

What a Cute Baby Picture Looks Like!

Without having a background in modeling, photography, or advertising; the biggest challenge to creating magical baby pictures is knowing what the final photograph is supposed to look like. In other words, the average person doesn't see many examples of adorable baby pictures.

birthday girl framed

Once you actually see a completed picture, it's not too hard to tell a mediocre photo from an outstanding one. 

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